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"You can too ..." - Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO Bumble

According to Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble, anybody can successfully begin a side hustle and turn it into a flourishing service. " You can generate income from anything," Wolfe Herd, who built Bumble into a company now worth over $7 billion, informed CNBC Make It in 2019. To begin, "determine what you're passionate about," she said, "and if you're really good at it, there's some way to turn it into an organization." For example, "maybe you're an unbelievable cook-- start a cooking blog site, then begin charging for recipes. It depends on what your talents are, whatever that might be." Kevin O'Leary likewise suggests pursuing a side hustle that you're passionate about, and one that highlights your talents and one for which there is need-- offer "a great or service that you dreamt up and [are] actually fantastic at," he formerly informed CNBC Make It. A few of the most in demand side hustles right now include tutoring gigs, resume-writing and social networks management, to name a few. " I believe anybody can earn money at something they're good at," Wolfe Herd says. Wolfe Herd introduced Bumble in 2014 after leaving Tinder, where she was vice president of marketing. She initially wished to create a social networks platform targeted to teen ladies where they might just interact through compliments. With her understanding in the dating space and experience in marketing, she eventually produced Bumble, a dating app that let females make the very first move, which at the time, defied previous dating norms. According to its IPO filing, Bumble had $376.6 million in revenue in the very first nine months of 2020, with a net loss of $84.1 million. Throughout that duration in 2019, Bumble had $362.6 million in revenue and a net revenue of $68.6 million. In its initial public offering, Bumble raised $2.2 billion from investors, and in turn, made Wolfe Herd one of the youngest billionaires at 31. " You need to start someplace," Wolf Herd said. "Just find your enthusiasm and lean into it."

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