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Founder of Billion dollar business still bets for side hustle!

Birchbox co-founder and CEO Katia Beauchamp built the multimillion-dollar appeal sample membership company from scratch, and since 2019 it had over 1 million customers.

If Beauchamp had to begin a side hustle today to make additional cash, what would she do?

" My next side hustle would be a service that uses solutions for brand-new mothers who are breastfeeding," Beauchamp tells. As a mother of four, Beauchamp is inspired by her own experience, as "each pregnancy has brought its own distinct difficulties," she says. " There always seems to be new trends or finest practices of the moment," when it comes to breast-feeding, states Beauchamp. "I found myself returning to the drawing board each time, looking for the very best information and newest products to help." As a side hustle, Beauchamp would produce "a one-stop store for all things lactation." Beauchamp says she would emulate Food52-- a site with recipes, guidance and e-commerce, which has a strong neighborhood and offers both other brands and its own line of items. " The service would include virtual and/or in-person consultations," Beauchamp says, and she imagines providing an "easy-to-read toolkit with all the essentials, and a marketplace combining whatever you need, from pumps, to supplements and beyond." It's a growing market: The breast-feeding devices market will surpass $1.6 billion by 2025, according to Market Study Report. " The goal would be to assist females browse obstacles around lactation and milk production, offer consolidated, easy and accurate to comprehend ideas and tricks for healthy and comfortable breastfeeding, and extra info on how to secure their breasts and maintain looks." " I'm thinking of the time it would have saved me to have whatever in one trusted place," Beauchamp states. "I 'd love to do that for other women."

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